What Gifts Can You Get a Toddler?

Do you remember your first birthday gift? Probably not so the likeliness of a toddler remembering what they were given as a birthday gift is close to nothing. Although the parents are a different story, while they too might not keep track of who gave what it is always pleasant to see a parent’s excitement while receiving or unpacking a gift.

The thrill mostly lies in seeing the parents enthusiastically show their child the gift they received. You might even say that there is slight competition of who have the gift that the toddler enjoyed the most. So how exactly do you select a gift that really is set apart and does not only look great but is also useful? Here are 5 gift ideas that can make an ideal gift for a toddler regardless of the occasion.

Accessories and clothes

If you really think about it, clothes and accessories might actually be the easiest options to get a toddler, why? Well, they need clothes, it looks super great on them and there are so many options to choose from.

You can check out birthday dresses for girls and outfits for boys which are available anywhere. However, the only concern is that with clothes they are bound to be outgrown much faster. So, this is why you can almost never go wrong with accessories. Baby socks and shoes for a boy or even floral head bands for girls are items that can be used for a longer period of time.


True toys can be a little overrated and breakable but it is what every toddler loves to have at that age. There are tons of toys being manufactured but we are thinking of helpful and actually productive toys. The initial few years of a child’s life is where a great amount of physical and cognitive development takes place. Toys such as Legos or clay help a child’s fine motor skills improve. It builds their creativity and ability to form shapes and structures.

Hobby contributions

The initial years of a child’s life are some of the most important. It is at this age that they discover hobbies or interests that can be what they carry out throughout their life. Investing in a possible hobby such as gifting them paint, brushes, pencil or art supplies or even an instrument that they can play with create enjoyment and delight. It opens up their minds and allows them to be creative from a young age. These interests can even become their long-term careers.


While a toddler is not able to read a full-on novel a book or story with pictures and illustrations are a great way to create interest. The power of reading is severely underrated. It is vital that kids are taught to read from a young age but to also enjoy the simple pleasure of being able to picture a s story. Reading now only develops their skills but also their imagination and creative process.


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