Top 5 Must-Haves for a Teething Baby

Teething is both tiring for parents and babies. No matter how peaceful and angelic babies are, they will surely be fussy, irritated and cry a lot when they reach the teething stage. A baby’s gums get swollen and tender before their tooth comes out, which makes it painful or uncomfortable. To save you from stress and free baby from discomfort, here are the top 5 essentials for every teething baby.

Teething Tablets

Teething tablets are homeopathic remedies for teething pain. They provide immediate relief a few moments of taking them. These tablets instantly dissolve in your baby’s mouth so you don’t need to worry about choking. Make sure to choose ones that are chemical free and doesn’t contain artificial flavouring, dyes or other harmful ingredients. Always consult a professional before giving any medication to baby.

Teething Toys

There are so many styles and designs to choose from when buying teething toys. Babies’ sure love chewing and biting on anything when they are teething and a cute teething toy grabs their attention. Make sure you have different kinds to meet varying teething needs. Pick from a wide range of silicone teethers, teething rings, bristled silicone teether, teething blanket or plushie, mesh fruit feeder and even a pacifier. Don’t worry if you have plenty of teething toys because babies will surely chew on them.

Teething Necklaces

For babies who are actively playing or moving around, a teething necklace is a great choice. They get to wear one around their neck making it easily accessible whenever they need something to chew on. Other options are stylish and can be worn by moms as an accessory. Simply grab one when going out and you already have the perfect teething essential on the way.


Some babies get feverish when they are teething. If you’re baby’s running a fever, be sure to keep track of the temperature. When it gets too high, consider taking him to the paediatrician to check if the fever is caused by other infection. Some babies develop ear infection when teething so it’s best to know sooner.

Rash Cream

This one has nothing to do with relieving sore gums and teething pain but rather the other symptom of teething. Diarrhoea is often associated with teething. Having a diaper rash cream at hand helps keep that baby bum protected from rash and other skin irritations. If your baby has severe diaper rash, one great way to soothe it is bathing your baby in warm water with oatmeal and baking soda. This mixture helps clear out diaper rash quickly. Make sure to apply a thin layer of diaper cream after every diaper change.

Teething is a stressful moment for any parent, just as much as it is painful and uncomfortable to babies. If you notice teething signs, make sure to have these essentials prepared. Helping your baby manage teething discomfort is the best thing parents do. After all, when those tiny teeth are out, your little one will be back to his usual self.

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