Tips to Be Fashion Savvy while Expecting

A struggle of an expecting mother is almost always finding the clothes that look good and suit one’s style while at the same time feel comfortable and is flexible to move in. You start having a small to medium-sized body and then you suddenly end up becoming a plus size. That is going to be a huge change in any woman’s wardrobe. As for those moms who still want to be fashion savvy while expecting, there are always tons of options to choose from. There are a particular variety of outfits that cater to both a mother and a woman’s needs. Here is a list of those outfits you can get to maintain being in style while expecting.

Stretchable Skirts and Jeans

Since your hips are getting wider and larger to accommodate the new life swimming in your belly, the pants that you have just won’t fit you anymore. But buying plus size pants are also uneconomical since after giving birth, a woman’s body will usually return back to its original form so those big pants will serve no more purpose. That makes it best to buy bottoms that are stretchable. No matter what your size is, those pants and skirts can accommodate it.

Loose and Flexible Shirts and Blouses

The highlight of any pregnant woman’s body is their belly. It gradually becomes bigger and bigger. And that makes it very difficult to find shirts and blouses that suits your current body shape. Your regular blouses won’t fit anymore and some are just too uncomfortable especially when it’s time for you to start feeding your baby. One way to solve this is to buy loose and flexible shirts and blouses which you can rock either pregnant or not. As for breastfeeding, there are always an array of cute feeding tops to choose from.

Airy and Flowing Dresses

The outfit, if you haven’t noticed, most pregnant women wear are dresses. The best thing about them is that they can be stylish even when they are super airy and flowing. They can come in all shapes, colours and styles. Dresses are so easy to wear. It is the perfect go-to preggy wear.

Very Comfortable and Highly Stretchable Undergarments

Other than the belly, one apparent change happens to the breasts. They also grow larger and larger and become highly sensitive at that. Regular bras with those support wires can be uncomfortable and painful. Another problem is when the breasts start producing milk and these seep into clothes leaving an undesirable mark ruining perfectly good clothes. There are always comfortable and highly stretchable undergarments which can also help with the milking problem.

Flat and Comfy Sandals and Shoes

With all the changes in your body, it is going to become a bit numb and painful even when doing very simple tasks like walking. To ease the pain, it is best to wear flat and comfy sandal and shoes and do away for now with those high heels. Though heels make you look and feel beautiful, they are not that comfortable. Flat sandals and shoes can always complete a stylish look.

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