Tips For Buying A Baby Wrap Carrier

Wrap carriers are a great way to have your hands free while keeping your baby close to you. You might find that the baby hates to be kept on the bed mat or on the bouncy seat and loves snuggling up to you. It’s natural for babies to feel frustrated when their mother isn’t around so you’ll probably hear a loud cry the minute you set him down and walk away. Now that you know it will benefit you, here are a few tips for buying a baby wrap carrier.

A Maximum Weight Load And Quality

Look for a carrier with a maximum of about 40 pounds so that you can use it since your child is a newborn to the time he is a toddler. Wraps would last that long if they are made in good quality so go for the best. A higher investment will not be in vain as you will be using it for quite a time. The construct of the carrier should be able to hold on to the baby in extreme conditions too. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, then the material should be of high quality. There should be independent tightening in the edges and should be adjustable to fit you. Only then can you actually be hands-free. If you feel the material isn’t strong enough, you’ll always be holding onto it by one hand.

Comfortable For Baby And You

Since you will be using your Hug a Bub to carry him around the house and even outside, it needs to be comfortable for both of you. Your baby may not like it the first few times but as he gets used to it, he will be fine. Ensure maximum softness for him. The carrier should distribute the weight equally across your shoulders and back so that no discomfort is experienced. Before you buy one, it is better to try them on and select the best one that fits hence heading down to the store will be better than ordering online. There are different ways each carrier is worn so ask the storekeeper for instructions before you make the purchase.

Easy To Use When Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public has been made an embarrassing act by people so you can’t help but look for a private area to do so. With a carrier, you can easily go ahead at it covers the necessary areas but still gives the baby enough room to move about freely. Ensure the pouch has room on both sides so that it’s just a matter of moving the child from one breast to the other as needed.

Multiple Positions For The Baby

They need to be comfortable with plenty of room to move about. You’ll want them to be facing outward when you are doing chores or walking at the mall, but will want him facing you and snuggled up when he is to be put to sleep. So find a carrier that you can easily switch your baby’s positions in.


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