Things to Gift Your Friend on Her Baby Shower

Baby showers are always so exciting. It is a celebration of love, light and new hope. This is why gifting the perfect gift will add a lot of value to your friend. You want to be able to gift something to your friend and baby that will be born very soon.


Jewellery is always a great value gift to present to your friend. If you are looking to gift the child only you could still invest in a precious little bracelet or chain piece that the newborn would look so adorable in. This way you show your friend that you care enough to spend a good amount on a gift such as jewellery and you also save up with the costs of buying your friend something as well.


Gifting clothing attire will always come in handy because it could be worn for a long time and is useful. The best gift to invest in baby showers is clothing attire for the baby and mother. You could buy the baby great designer kids clothing. And you could show your love and spend a good amount on outfits the newborn would look so charming in.

If you want to spend on your dear friend, you would need to check out clothing lines that cater to newbie mothers. We would recommend lose and comfy attire, as you would want your friend to feel relaxed and comfy. After all she carried a baby in her belly for 9 months! She deserves it.

Play Toys

All babies love things to play with especially using their little baby hands, you could gift a present that is filled with lovely colourful toys. Babies would benefit from colourful soft toys and play items that will allow them to be occupied.

Gift Baskets

You could also create a customized gift basket for the mother to benefit from, you could add on clothing attire, sterilized milk bottles, powders and cream, and baby soothers to name a few. This will really help your friend to ease up and relax as she will be able to rest after the baby is born knowing that she has some baby care items.

Massage Vouchers

You could gift your deserved friend a lovely massage voucher to indulge in after her birth, as she will need all the pampering she could get because the days to come will be the hardest.

Body Care Gifts

Every new mom will love feeling good in the little time they will get, make her use her time well and gift her some great body scrubs and bath lotions so that she will feel cared for and special. She will really appreciate this gift because she will only have very little time for herself, you could make her wash time very special.

Remember, to care for the mother and give more love to the baby. Therefore, select a gift that will be useful for the baby and mommy, ensure to check out the best sites to order the best clothing items for the cute duo.

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