The psychological approach on the impact of children’s friendships

When was the last time you spoke to your best friend? Are the notifications popping up on your mobile as we speak, or do you have to take a moment to think about it? The simple truth is that, no matter how alone we want to be, introverted or not, having good friends in our lives have a massive impact on it; this importance is infinite when it comes to the life of a child.

There is an Asian folk story when two little parrots, separately fell into a group of thieves and a group of monks; one turned good and one turned bad, needless to say. Hence, the nature of the friends that children associate in their childhood massively decides the shape of their mind. In fact, all the elements of childhood spans for a lifetime and that’s a fact. The need of the parents for their children to attend good nurseries, and then schools and this and that is based on this theory.

This is why the children must be encouraged to make friendships, the good ones. Why? Because most of time, it is our childhood friends that stay with us for a lifetime. Hence, as schools, nurseries and even the governments’ officials who are responsible for the children should be truly responsible. But in the end of the day, what truly matters is providing the children with uninfluenced opportunities to make friends. In achieving that simple things like Buddy Benches go a very long way.

Of course, you know what it is; a special bench set at a very nice place in the outside for the two or more children to meet new friends, bond with the existing ones and this list goes on. It is quite amazing how the child’s mind immediately understands the purpose of something like this allowing them to make friends faster. But is there anything special to it? Something psychologically advantageous? Yes!

When a child sees a typical bench and one of these, they would immediate understand how fast they can make friends in something like this over the traditional ones. Psychological tricks like this helps the shy kids to make friends easily and the easy-going ones to develop the interpersonal relationships faster. In the end of the day, investing in cost effective items like these for the benefit of the children is how you become a supportive adult. But you need to remember few things as well.

A child’s brain is designed to be positively sensitive to bright and positive colors. Hence, you can’t just leave a cheap bench in the garden and expect it to do buddying duties; you need something designed for the purpose. That way, it will serve the purpose very effectively.

The children should not be allowed to be self-isolated at any case; they don’t understand its impact. So, in order to help them grow mentally healthy, it is essential that friends are made the friendships are kept.

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