Reasons to Have a Baby Shower

Baby showers are important for expecting moms as it makes them feel special with all the attention from her closest people. In some countries, baby showers are mandatory while in some, it is an option. Nevertheless, it is a great way to celebrate expecting moms and wishing them good luck for a healthy delivery and a healthy baby. So here are some of the reasons to have yourself the best baby shower you could ask for.

You And Your Baby Deserve It

You have been through the morning sickness, back pains and cracked heels for as long as you can remember so now is the time to get pampered as you wish. Having one day set aside just for you would make you feel special and celebrated. Your baby deserves all the love too. The closest people to you would like to be an important part of your baby’s life. Let them join in the celebrations and you will surely feel great to see all the love they have for the baby before it is even born.

It’ll Be Fun

After all those tiring and sleepless nights, what could be more fun than spending a day with your loved ones? The food, desserts, Sweet Mickie baby shower cookies, décor would be so much fun! You can come up with some fun baby shower games too and ask the organizers to include them in the party. For example, pass around a diaper bag with some baby items in it and give each guest 2 minutes to identify as many items and write them down. The one with the most number of correct guesses wins a gift.

You’ll Get Information

Your baby shower will have many mothers, willing to give you advice on the changes that the baby will bring about to your life. They will share the horror stories of changing stinky diapers and swollen nipples, the sleepless nights and shower-less days. They will also tell about the memorable moments of the baby’s first words, first steps, how seeing it makes you forget all the problems you have. Let them give you all the advice now since once the baby gets here, you will never want to take any advice from anyone.

The Photos

When was the last time you took a good photo, dressed well and looking presentable? Probably months ago. Even if you took a picture, you probably were in your yoga pants, hair all messy, binge eating ice cream and just fed up with your dark circles. At the shower, you will at least make an effort to put on a pretty dress and do some makeup and look as lively as possible. Also, you’ll have some memories to cherish with your loved ones so 10 years down the line, you could revisit and smile.

The Presents

You don’t have to feel guilty of wanting to see the presents they got you! Raising a kid is expensive so somebody would’ve gifted you a voucher from the baby items shop, a relaxing day at the spa so you can get away from the crying for one day, a year’s supply of diapers and baby creams, etc.

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