Rainy Day Activities for Your Children to Enjoy

Without a doubt, seeing the sun up and shining is such a joy for children. Do you wonder why? Isn’t it obvious? They can go out and play! However, your children start to frown whenever the rainy season is underway. True enough, activities are limited whenever your children are just stuck inside your house. Perhaps, they can play but not as fun as they do outside the house. Then again, you should not worry about this. There are several activities that your children can do inside the house to make the most out of the rainy season. Read on to know more about it.


One way to keep your child busy during a rainy season is to involve him in your kitchen. Make him your cooking assistant. Involve him in the recipes that you create. Let him pour the ingredients in the bowl and allow him to mix it by himself. As a parent, you should let your child explore the wonders of your kitchen without them causing any harm or damage. For example, you intend to bake some chocolate cupcakes. Tell him the ingredients that you will need and let him gather everything that you need. Next is to let him pour the ingredients into the mixing bowl. Let him have fun by letting him mix everything and placing it in a cupcake tray. Let his imagination thrive by allowing him to design each cupcake in any way he wants.

Race Track

Add a little twist in the classic straight race track by placing it on the stairs. This will allow the race track items to go down at a faster rate than usual because of the steepness of the stairs. However, an upward race would be difficult to do but then, this is the challenge of your game! Play with your children and have a more fun day. Who knows? Your children might develop their love for cars and later on. So ask a toy store if you can get a race track when your kids ride on cars.


Since you are just inside the house, why don’t you explore some games? Try out paper cups. Whoever stacks the paper cups in proper order at a faster rate will win the game. Another way to play with paper cups is to stack them in any way the children want. It can be in the form of a castle or towers and then knock them out by using rubbers. The first one to knock everything out will win the game. These are just simple games that you can try out. You can think of other games that may interest you and children.


As the rain pours hard outside, staying inside the house is the only choice. Make your day productive by cleaning up with your children. It can be cleaning the toys that the children have, or cleaning their cabinet. These can include the dolls, the toy figures, and other toys that your children may have. Clean them all by either wiping a damp towel on them or giving them a brief laundry. Through this activity, you are making your day productivity.

The rainy season does not have to be a dull season for your children. Keep them busy while having fun inside the house with these awesome activities


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