No-Hassle Ways To Bathe Your Newborn

Bathing your newborn could be one of your most significant challenges as a new parent. You have to make sure that you’re holding your baby the right way and that they are comfortable when taking a bath. Babies are helpless at this stage, so all of the movements in bathing your baby depends on how you handle them. Although they don’t necessarily need to be washed regularly, you have to ensure that once you do, the baby is well cleaned and smelling fresh.

So if you are having doubts of how to properly bathe your baby without making you panic, here are the no-hassle ways of bathing your newborn.

Prepare Your Supplies

Before you bathe your baby, make sure that everything is prepared from the bathing accessories up to getting dress up. These items should be placed in a room with warm temperature. There should be a blanket, Mi Baloo towels or changing pad prepared. So in any case, when the baby is finished bathing drying him is easy and comfortable.

Sponge Bath

A sponge bath is an excellent way to bathe your baby in the first few weeks after it was given birth. That’s because the stump of the umbilical cord is still attached in the baby’s navel and are expected to fall off up to three weeks. If the stump is still attached to your body, you can submerge your baby into the water, which makes sponge bath an ideal way to bathe your baby.

When you do the sponge bath, all you need to wipe is the face, neck, and the bottom. You don’t need to wash your baby every day, every one or two days is enough to keep your baby clean. However, if the stump of your baby is still attached after three weeks, you should consult your pediatrician immediately.

Tub Or Sink Bathing

It is only applicable if the umbilical cord is removed. It means you can submerge your baby in the tub or sink. Just make sure that there’s a rubber matting to avoid slipping. In filling your bathtub with water, it should be 2 to 3 inches and always keep your hand to your newborn.

Safety Precautions In Bathing Your Baby

The baby skin is sensitive, so if you’re going to wash your baby, you have to make sure that the water temperature is right. To ensure that you got the proper temperature of the water, it is best to put cold water first in the tub before you put the hot water. Try to mix it to remove the cold and hot spot.

You can use a thermometer to know if the water temperature is just right for your baby. The ideal bath water for babies is 98 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a thermometer, you can use your elbow to determine if the water will be too cold or too hot for your baby.

These are some of the no-hassle ways of bathing your newborn. As much as possible, when you wash your baby, there should be someone with you to make bathing a lot easier.


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