Must-Have Items During Pregnancy

Starting a family is not as easy as you think. It calls for a long preparation, and without money, you can’t make it happen. You always have to think ahead – the hospitalization of your wife when she gives birth, the education of your future children, etc. Giving birth in a private hospital is not cheap, especially if it is a caesarean delivery. But of course, you have to prepare first the items that your wife needs during her pregnancy. If you want to know what these are, take time to read everything.

Body Pillow

Being pregnant is not simple. Imagine the pain your wife has to go through for 9 months. Do your best to make her feel comfortable by giving her a pregnancy body pillow. A pregnancy body pillow contributes to a peaceful sleep, and relieves pain in the back, hip, leg and neck. Besides the pregnancy body pillow, you can choose from inflatable pregnancy pillow, pregnancy wedge pillow and u-shaped pregnancy pillow. Yet, there are factors you have to take into consideration before you go shopping. Ask your wife if she is a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper. While it is clear that a stomach sleeper can be difficult, a back sleeper and side sleeper can have issues, too. Also, check the material.

Maternity Dress

Wait until you see your wife’s belly show up. That is the perfect time to shop for a maternity dress for her. Choose a maternity wrap dress that is fast-becoming popular today. You can buy online or at a store near you. If you are uncertain, be on guard. Find clues that will help you give the go signal to start shopping. For example, when your wife feels bloated all the time, her bump starts to peep out, etc. Also, do it after 12 weeks of her pregnancy because her body is still going through changes.


Buy your wife all the supplements she needs. It will not only keep her healthy, but the baby inside her, too. Do not let your wife take any medicines/supplements without the approval of her medical doctor. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Comfortable Bottoms

Help your wife find a comfortable pair of bottoms. Get a stretchable pair because her body will go through changes. Also, so she won’t have a hard time putting them on and taking them off. A pair of leggings is the best choice but you can get some maternity jeans, too. Choose the stylish ones so you will still feel and look good about yourself.

Pregnancy Journal

Give your wife a pregnancy journal where she can document everything from the start until she gives birth. It is nice to look back on this beautiful experience once in a while.

Flat Shoes

A pair of flat shoes is recommended for pregnant women because the ones with heels can be slippery.

Make your wife happy and comfortable during her pregnancy. Do everything what is best for her and the baby.  

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