How To Find The Perfect Marquee For Your Special Day

A wedding is truly an occasion filled with hopes, happiness, and many more positive things. It is usually seen as a magical event which is why people ensure that everything is perfect on their big day. When a couple gets married, there are various things that they have to take into consideration. For ceremonies held outside, Marquees are great shading items due to many reasons. There are a few things that you should consider while finding the perfect Marquee for a wedding ceremony.

The Venue

The venue of the event will depend on the couple’s taste and interests. Usually, tents and Marquees are needed for outdoor ceremonies such as garden weddings. The nature of the Marquee will depend on the venue due to a few reasons. The space, the surrounding area and the landscapes are a few of them. For instance, it is important that you find a venue with ample space and proper leveled ground, so that the marquee can be properly fixed without a hassle.


Weddings are evolving and so are their themes. In the present market, there are many sellers who supply a variety of flexible products in terms of shading. For example, suppliers of marquee and gazebo Sydney are quite diverse and ready to cater to the unique requirements of consumers. Hence, if you have a specific theme set, you will definitely be able to find a Marquee that matches the theme. Doing some online research on potential sellers will aid in finding your match.

Numbers Are Important

It is important to make a proper guest list and determine if the tent or the marquee you are going to order is able to accommodate them. It is important that you are ready for any kind of weather and ensure that everyone can fit in and have a good time. Therefore, the number of guests is a very important factor that should be given prominence while making decisions. Further, make sure that you expect a few more than the numbers at hand. This will help your guests to feel more comfortable.

Height And Lighting

A wedding ceremony and the reception that follows are both occasions where people gather to have a good time while witnessing to people get together to start a new life. Proper lighting is an important factor that would impact the mood of the ones who are gathered and the atmosphere. There will be decorations, music, food and many more things to enjoy. Hence, it is important that the marquees are able to provide proper ventilation and adequate lighting. If the ceremony is in the day time, it is important to ensure proper air-conditioning. Further, choosing marquees with proper lighting will help you cut the cost that you are incurring for lighting.

The above are a few key factors that will help you to choose the perfect marquee or tents for your big day. In addition to these, it is important that you do some research and keep everything sorted out beforehand in order to avoid mishaps. And, it is always important to find professional sellers to make things easy for you.

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