How to Choose Toys for Smarter Kids

Children learn through play. It may seem that they are just having fun while they are playing but they are actually learning a lot of things as they play – from basic concepts such as colours to more complex concepts like socializing with others.

To nurture your child’s learning through play, parents should provide the right toys that would help him learn a lot as he plays. There are also some toys that stimulate your child’s thinking skills more than other toy types, making him smarter and better in analysing things.

Here’s a simple guide on how to choose the right toys that would help stimulate and nurture your child’s learning and cognitive skills.

Choose Age-Appropriate Toys

First of all, you should choose toys that are appropriate to your child’s age. If a toy is more advanced for your child, it may be too complex or difficult for him to play with it and would lose interest in it instead of playing with the new toy. Find the right toys that suit your child’s age so it catches his interest and he could play with it without getting frustrated or injured.

Choose Open-Ended Toys

Open-ended toys are the best toys that use up your child’s imagination as he plays. These toys can be played in a variety of ways and there is no single rule on how to use them during play. There are plenty of open-ended toys out there for your child such as building blocks, Lego, wooden animal toys, pretend play toys, and many more. All of these toys encourage your child to think and be creative while playing which helps a lot in stimulating his cognitive development.

Observe What Your Child Likes

When you’re planning to buy your child a new toy, observe as he plays to know what kind of toys he likes to play with. You get to have an idea about your child’s interests, skill level, the characters he likes most, and many more. By choosing the toy that your child likes, you can be sure that he would be interested in it and would love to play with the new toy you gave.

Give a Variety of Toys

Your child also needs a variety of toys to learn and develop different aspects. Don’t just fill your child’s play room with similar toys. He may like playing with blocks or Legos but it is also important to give other toys such as arts toys, strategy games, ride on toys, and many more to encourage holistic learning while playing. There are plenty of toys in shops and you have endless options if you need variety in your child’s toys.

With those tips, you can surely find and give the right toy that would help stimulate your child’s cognitive development and skills. There’s no need to spend a lot and buy expensive toys to help nurture your child’s development through play. You can achieve this fully by choosing the right kind of toys regardless of the brand and price.


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