How to Help Your Baby Sleep

We you are a new mom absolutely everyone has an opinion on how you should handle your baby, especially their sleep issues. The danger is that you are easily misguided. This in the long run can affect your baby’s growth and development. So it is very vital to get your facts right and take necessary measures when taking care of your baby. Never implement wrong advices always act smart and be pro- active. This why reading books, magazine and getting support from the experienced is important in this journey.

UnderstandingYour Baby Is Vital

Firstly it is important to understand your baby’s biological clock of sleep. During the beginning they sleep when they are tired you cannot force them to sleep or wake up! Newborn babies have a very small stomach. Since their diet is liquid they digest quickly. So they need to feed every two-three hours this is essential for their growth. Many pediatrician recommend that newborn shouldn’t be let to sleep for more than four hours without being fed. You should always pick them up for feeding and let them go back to sleep after. It is important to understand the little noises your baby makes when they are awake, when they are hungry, so that you can differentiate if they are awake and hungry or if they just want to sleep. So sleeping through the night is not for newborns. It takes up to a year or two for your baby to achieve a full night’s sleep. It can sure be a work in progress.

It very natural for your baby to fall asleep while feeding on your breast or bottle. When they make it a habit they cannot sleep any other way. But this is the most natural and pleasant way for your baby to sleep and it also help them with time to sleep better as it a way of fighting against sleep. With time you can replace the bottle with a pacifier and let them finish their sleep.

How You Can Bring About a Change

With time you can correct their biological clock. And help them distinguish between day and night. During the day let them have their naps in a bright and in a place where they can hear noises. During the night make sure the ambience is dark and quiet. When you help your baby distinguish between day and night, it will help them sleep longer at night.

It is very important to understand your baby’s sleep indications. If you feel that they seem tired put them down to sleep as soon as you can. When a baby is encouraged to fight their sleep and stay awake they become unhappy. And with time it complicates their sleep patterns and sleep maturity. The good news is that every day is a progress. Before you know your baby will be grown up and the sleepless night would be something that would cherish.

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