Gift Ideas for Baby Shower

Special occasions have to be celebrated, such as birthdays and new life stages, as you do not know what can happen to you and to the people who are special to you, today or the next day. That is why, if someone important in your life is expecting, you may throw a baby shower party for her. If you are feeling extra generous, give a gift, too. Gift-giving is rather tricky, though. It looks like it is an easy task, but it is not. Therefore, to help you with this problem, take time to read everything below.

Soothing Sounds

First-time parents will struggle to put their baby to sleep, for sure. Which is why gift a device that creates soothing sounds that will help the baby fall asleep faster.

Wall Shelf

An acrylic wall shelf will come in handy in keeping baby pictures. It will make a blank wall look creative in an instant, too.

Baby Clothes

You won’t go wrong with baby clothes. You may give a few sets of bodysuits, bibs, onesies, socks, and sweaters. Do not forget to include some baby costumes as well. They can be used during the Holidays or photoshoots.

Baby Gym

If you are on the lookout for the most adorable baby shower gift, go for a baby gym. A wooden baby gym is the best way to go. It usually comes with knitted rattles that can be easily removed if the parents have to wash them.

Fast Warmer

A fast warmer can heat up the milk in no time. It is helpful if the parents have to do other things. Make sure that it is from a reliable brand so it can last for a longer period of time.

Diaper Backpack

The best baby shower gift is something that can help relieve parenthood. Gift a fashionable satchel bag that no one will know that it is actually a diaper bag until they take out the baby wipes and diapers. You may include diapers, too. It can be a clothing or a disposable type of diaper. Choose the former if you are environmentally-conscious.

Feeding Items

Gift feeding items to the first-time parents like baby bottles, burp clothes, and silicone suction bowl. For the latter, shop at Mama & Boo.

Quality Baby Monitor

Gift the parents a quality baby monitor that they can easily connect to their smartphones. A baby monitor is essential, whether they live in a big house or not. It will serve as their eyes and ears while the parents are cleaning the house.

Dual-purpose Dresser

A dual-purpose dresser can help in saving space. Opt for one that can work as a changing diaper station too. If you want to gift diaper caddy instead, the portable type is a good choice.

Milestone Blanket

A baby grows really fast so it is important to record every milestone. A milestone blanket can monitor the baby’s age.

The gift ideas for a baby shower are countless. Be sure to choose one that can ease parenting.  


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