Bringing Out the Best in Your Kids

They said parents are children’s first teachers. The way you interact and play with them will help their progress. The key to any form of development in your child is to start early. And over the years it’s a matter of building up their intellectual and emotional growth.

Teach Everything You Can

You are your child first playmate, you have many instances throughout the day to teach them anything let it be about life or about math. For an example when running errands you can ask your child to locate things or help you out with shopping. There are various opportunities inside your house hold. While cooking they can help you with the quantifying, picking ingredients and even a little bit of mixing. They can help you fold laundry. These little things with time will be great sills that they have enjoyed and acquired.

Always be in the lookout for cues. If your child loves doodling encourage them with drawing. If they enjoy looking at the sky talk about the birds and the stars. When you focus on the things that interest them they will be willing to find out more and more.

Always Set an Example

Learning how to express themselves will encourage your child to speak up. Kids develop their vocabulary and speaking by copying their parents. Therefore the way you talk can influence your child’s verbal development. They say it’s important to talk to your baby even before they understand you. Talk to them when they are being fed, talk about your day, talk about the breakfast you made. Always make eye contact before you speak. Then they will take you serious and listen to you over the years. When you communicate with your child be animated. And also let them share their thoughts. They will learn so much from your facial expression and gestures.

Eating Healthy Is the Key

Healthy eating will not only build strong bones and a healthy body it will also provide the necessary nourishment for your child’s brain. This is why breast feeding is really important during the first 6 months. Once your child learns to eat solid more the 50% of their diet should consist of food like salmon, fish oils and lots of vegetables. Breakfast is very important, children who eat breakfast have a better attention span than kids who eat junk at school. Always include proteins and good fats for breakfast. Don’t overload them with big quantities feed them with frequent mini meals through the day. Offer healthy snacks which contains whole foods and some fibers, good fats and proteins for a steady digestion.

When you make the right choices for your child you cannot go wrong. We all try our best and want our best for your children. It does take some effort but it all worth it when they grow up into amazing kids.


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