6 Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy

As long as your doctor hasn’t ruled out exerting yourself due to a medical condition or complication, in most pregnancies at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise is supposed to greatly benefit your body and the baby. Exercise might already be great for your body but doing it during pregnancy has some added benefits so here’s why you should give it a go.

Energy Booster

Now we know you’re wondering how exercise and energy boosting can be used in the same sentence but it has been proven and tested that a bout of exercise will allow you to get through your daily tasks. Being pregnant, it’s normal to feel drained while carrying out these tasks. But by exercising regularly, you’ll be strengthening your cardiovascular system. This means you won’t tire out as easily anymore and your muscles will be stronger and more adapted to carrying out your tasks. But before you put on your maternity activewear, sort out with your doctor which exercises you should be doing and how often.

Restful Sleep

Sleeping well when pregnant is difficult. Especially as those months go by and the baby bump gets bigger and bigger, finding a comfortable position seems very near impossible. This is where exercise comes in useful. Exercise plus your daily routines will completely knock you out and help you get a more rested night’s sleep.


Did you know exercise can even reduce the risk of complications? It can reduce your risks of developing diseases like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. These are conditions that can affect your blood sugar levels, blood pressure or even bring about kidney damage so if you have a chance of reducing the chance of developing them, why not take it? If you have already been diagnosed with any such conditions, talk to your doctor about if you should be exercising. Chances are she might ask you to limit any physical activity.

Reduces Discomfort

Pregnancy brings about a plethora of aches and pains as the body adjusts to carrying on the weight of the baby within you. By doing a round of stretches or even yoga, you can help relieve those tiresome backaches. A walk around the park would significantly help improve your circulatory system and if you sign up for a swimming class, then this would help your abdominal muscles.

Stress Reducer

You’re going to be subject to major mood swings since your hormones will essentially be all over the place. If you’re feeling particularly stressful, a bout of exercise would come in handy since it stimulates the brain to release serotonin, which is a mood lifter that will help you regain better spirits.

Post-Baby Bod

Getting your body back into shape after pregnancy is far easier if you’ve been working out during since you’ve been consistently maintaining your strength and muscle tone. You’re also likely to put on a lot of excess weight during your pregnancy that you won’t notice until after so you can cut down this drastically by sticking to your exercise routine.

There you have it- all the benefits exercise has to offer when you’re pregnant!

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