5 Reasons For Why You Should Buy Organic And Vegan Clothes For Your Infant Or Toddler

Organic clothing is all the rage now. However, it’s something you should consider beyond fashion. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider buying organic and vegan clothing for your infant or toddler.

It’s Safer For Your Little One’s Skin And Health

The world is a scary and dangerous place for your little one. This is a fact you’ll realize over and over throughout their life; but especially in the first 3 years of their life, when they’re most vulnerable. Overexposure to the sun, hot water and chemicals from lotions and clothes can actually do a lot of harm to your baby’s skin; some even permanent. This being said, buying vegan and organic clothing is important for your baby, as it uses the least amount of chemicals. If your local stores don’t provide this option for you, you can easily buy them online. remember, when shopping for baby online, always opt for a bigger size if you’re not sure of what size to buy; your baby will eventually fit into it…!

Organic Materials Are Softer On Tender Skin

Baby’s skin is soft and vulnerable, so even the smallest discomfort is difficult for them to bare. This results in their constant crying, and quite possibly, rashes as well. Using clothes made out of the softest materials possible will keep your baby happy, comfortable and content. As the process of making organic materials use very little chemicals, these materials tend to be softer than most other materials readily available. This makes it ideal for kids wear; especially for infants. 

It Generally Lasts Longer Than Materials Made With Artificial Coloring And Chemicals

Baby clothes can be expensive, and thanks to all that washing you do, they tend to fade off very fast. This means you’ll end up buying more clothes, adding to your already increasing expenses. Without a doubt, organic clothing tends to be more expensive, as the materials alone are more expensive to make; but this expense is reasonable when you realize that despite washing your baby’s clothes as many times, the fade rate is much lower…! Think of it as a one-time expensive item that you can use for as long as you’d like.

You May End Up Saving The Clothes For The Next Baby

Like we mentioned above, baby clothing tends to be very expensive; especially if you tend to opt for clothes that are of a higher standard. Thanks to this, we tend to try and preserve these clothes for baby’s future siblings, or hand it down to another baby that may need it. Vegan and organic clothes that fade less can be put aside for as long as you’d like; keeping in mind that you need to store it safe and right.

You’re Helping To Preserve The Earth For Their Future

Tomorrow has never been guaranteed to us. Despite knowing, we do everything possible today to help our tomorrow¾especially when it comes to our children. Saving the Earth is a responsibility every adult must take on themselves, for it’s what we leave behind for our kids. Using clothes that are organic and less harmful for nature when discarded is a small but important step you can take, to ensure we save mother Earth for our children’s future…

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