How the Nap Sac Works

  • It's really easy to travel with- Scott, Mt Evelyn, VIC
  • It's super easy to clean- Kath, Nedlands, WA
  • I bought two for my little guys and the "sleeping" on our trip to Caloundra was the easy part- Sarah, Research VIC
  • Anything as easy as this is money well spent with kids- Joanna, Wichford, UK
  • It's made to wear and last; it got muddy & sodden camping, one wash and it's as good as new- Scott, Mt Evelyn, VIC
  • Will it really save me so much time? yes!!- Scott, Mt Evelyn, VIC
  • Our son slept soundly every night, thankyou, thankyou!- Lil, Launceston, TAS
  • We can still have social life AND peace of mind that Rosie will sleep wherever we put her down- Kate, Longford, TAS
  • Rosie now sleeps as well away as she does at home- Kate, Longford TAS
  • I Just grab the compact little carry bag and off we go!- Rachel, TAS
  • I especially love the zips on either side in summer I unzip one side completely so if bubs gets hot he can kick it off.- Rachel, TAS

Creating Long, Glorious & Safe Naps for Kids 6 m - 4yo

So many portacots include just a hard cardboard base, with a small amount of padding. So many babies despise the lack of comfort and unfamiliarity of their travel cot. And so many babies don’t settle well into their new bed when you travel. Let’s face it, sleep is glorious, and a pre-requisite to any enjoyable family holiday, day at daycare, or granny-sitting! The Nap Sac is an all-in-one bedding and mattress solution. It is not a mattress, but a mattress solution, which does not compromise your child’s safety. A layer of fill in the base of the bedding offers that cosiness and comfort your babe needs, whilst the cleverly designed underside of the Nap Sac ensures it fits snuggly and safely in the portacot without risk of moving around. The Nap Sac is suitable for kids 6 months to 4 years old. In addition we have added safety features such as the Velcro tabs to feed through the end of your portacot and secure the Nap Sac to the underside of the outside of your portacot. Check out how it works here . High quality zips and fasteners allow you to fold back the Nap Sac quilt cover to suit the height and age of the child. What other baby product can you think of that lasts from baby to the end of pre-school years?!

Which Porta Cots will it fit?

Nap Sac has been designed to fit the most common Portacots on the market. New brands of portacot arrive in store all the time, so if you have found one that Nap Sac doesn’t fit, just let us know. The benefit of being a family of sewers is that we always have clever ideas and ingenious solutions, so drop us a line here and we will work out a solution!
The Nap Sac has been designed and tested to fit in the following portacots:
And in exciting breaking news, we now have a second design to fit in the very popular Baby Bjorn travel cot

Is the Nap Sac value for money? Ok, give me a guarantee!

Like any parent, if I were you, I would now go and spend a few hours seeing if there is anything else like the Nap Sac and cheaper…that’s what you’re going to do right? Let me save you the time! There’s nothing like Nap Sac (the 2-in-1 solution). Talking from one parent to another, if you plan on more than one child, and use portacots, you want value for money. So your purchases need to stand the test of time (and wear). We pride ourselves on the quality of the breathable cotton fabric, the hardware and most of all… the sewing. We go the extra mile with stitching and reinforcing the hard-wearing areas of the Nap Sac. So much so, that our customers are always commenting on the quality of the Nap Sac. We manufacture them in Australia, and are subject to my personal quality assurance testing. I will not sell you a product you won’t be happy with. On the off chance it doesn’t suit your needs, then we have a 30-day money back guarantee, on un-used Nap Sacs. (In fact that guarantee applies to everything in-store!) And any practical parent knows washing must be easy, so Nap Sac can just be thrown in a cold delicate cycle in your machine, and quickly line dried. Even Nap Sacs dragged through the campsite mud have come up as good as new in one wash.